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A Better Way to Connect with Customers In-Store

I just returned from the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas where I introduced a…

My Experience Behind the Camera

I’ve spent countless hours in my career poring over stock photography to find that just-right…

The Truth About Content

I don’t like the word “content.” There, I said it. It’s a hollow word that…

Daddy, What Do Designers Do?

My daughters have reached that breakthrough age where we can have real, satisfying conversations. I…

On Metaphors

An often overlooked step in the Web design process is identifying the metaphor

Get in the Mood

Moodboards and Style Tiles The beginning creative stages of a Web design project are not…

User Experience: Pass the Catsup

User experience is about more than buttons. Brian Miller looks at the full spectrum of user experience using real-world examples.

What can a soda machine tell us 
about information architecture?

Partner, Brian Miller discusses the link between the experience of interacting with a soda machine to the process of information architecture.
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